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Frye’s Leap IPA

Date July 23, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | North America

If you have ever looked off an 80 foot cliff into a fairly cold lake, and known that if you don’t jump, your friends will never let you live it down, then you probably have been to Frye’s Leap off Frye’s Island in Sebago Lake .   I remember when I was very young boating on Sebago seeing people jumping off Frye’s and having my parents freak out and make me promise not to ever even consider the jump.  At 5 I thought they were dead on with their assessment.  Fast forward 11 years...

Beerlicious Guelph by @HoppyBitches

Date July 12, 2014 Author Laura Mousseau Hoppy Bitches Categories Beer News | North America

On June 27, a group of craft beer lovin’ ladies met up at a local Guelph pub for some brews and banter, and the Hoppy Bitches Guelph chapter was officially born. I was introduced to the Hoppy Bitches by my sister in Toronto. I made it out for an event there and had so much fun that I inquired about starting up a Guelph group. The idea was heartily endorsed. When I put the Hoppy Bitches call out to girlfriends in town, I actually wasn’t surprised by the positive response from them and...

A trip to Finger Lakes, New York by @HoppyBitches

Date July 7, 2014 Author Hoppy Bitches Selina Young Categories ALE | LAGER | North America

You know you love craft beer when you are willing to get up early on a Saturday so that you can enjoy a cold one at your destination by 11 am. That is exactly what two Hoppy Bitches and our Crafty Bastards did. We set off for the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York, land of stunning lakes, friendly people, great food, and AMAZING CRAFT BEER! I won’t bore you with all the details of our trip; below are some highlights. On Day 1 we returned to two favourites – CB Craft Brewers in...

Great Lakes Brewery Relaunches Core Brand

Date June 23, 2014 Author beersnob Categories Beer News | North America

- Toronto’s oldest craft brewery rebrands popular Crazy Canuck Pale Ale and introduces Gordie Levesque -   June 23, 2014 (Toronto, ON)  – Some will say it’s long overdue. Some will question our decision, and some people just won’t care, but the time has come for Great Lakes Brewery, the  2013 & 2014 Canadian Brewery of the Year , to make some significant changes to our popular Crazy Canuck Pale Ale.   First introduced during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics,...

Session Toronto 2014 Promo Video

Date June 5, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories Beer News

Want to know what to expext at Session Toronto this year?  Check out the vidoe they made.  BeerSnob and out crew will be there on Firday night.   SESSION TORONTO PROMO from DMJHodge on Vimeo .

Great Lakes Brewery: 2014 Canadian Brewery of the Year

Date June 4, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories Beer News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE ATTACHED Great Lakes Brewery: 2014 Canadian Brewery of the Year   - Toronto’s oldest craft brewery named Top Canadian Brewery two years in a row -   June 2, 2014 (Toronto, ON)  – On May 31st, 2014 the 12th annual  Canadian Brewing Awards and Conference  was held in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Canadian breweries from all corners of the country were in attendance to hear the results of Canada’s largest beer...

River Walker Ginger Lemon Ale

Date May 29, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | North America

While Lake of Bays has been putting out some pretty decent beers lately, River Walker is not ranked among them.  Simply put, it blows... them out of the water.  This is really the best of the bunch.  I find that a lot of summer ales are super light, which is good when sitting out in the hot sun.  River Walker on the other hand has got some real flavour behind it.  The ginger gives it a real kick of spice (get it ‘kick a ginger’) as you get further into the bottle and it warms up...

Innis & Gunn Lager Beer

Date April 30, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories Europe | LAGER

Hey brewers, if you are going to take a shot at creating a really sessionable summer lager, grab a can of Innis & Gunn Lager Beer, and take some notes.  Most of the time a lager is a lager is a lager.  When I received this beer, I expected a pretty middle of the road drinking experience,  I couldn't have been more wrong. Innis & Gunn is known for going big and bold with their flavours.  It's that kind of go big or go home brewing attitude that has really earned them a place in my...

Beer Store Attack Ad's what do you think?

Date April 21, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories Beer News | North America

Enough is enough.  The Government of Ontario is and has been condoning what is essentially a monopoly since the 1920s.  There is no reason whatsoever that this should continue.   Many of the people of Ontario think that the Beer Store is owned by the government like the LCBO is.  That is simply not true.  The Beer Store, once known as the Brewers Retail, was set up at the end of prohibition (yeah we had that here as well) to be a distribution network for beer in Ontario.  Simply put...

Lake of Bays Cujo Imperial Golden Ale Edition 2

Date April 10, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | North America

Ahhhh Spring in Canada.  One of the best times of year.  Snow melting, playoff hockey , lots of new craft beer hitting the shelves.  What could possibly go wrong?  Right, the Toronto Maple Leafs ended yet another season hoisting the golf clubs as opposed to Lord Stanley's Cup .  It's a disappointment that has been handed down generation to generation, that I'm now passing along to my daughters. When I moved to Toronto in the late 90s, every spring it really felt like the Leafs...

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