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Lake of Bays Cujo Imperial Golden Ale Edition 2

Date April 10, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | North America

Ahhhh Spring in Canada.  One of the best times of year.  Snow melting, playoff hockey , lots of new craft beer hitting the shelves.  What could possibly go wrong?  Right, the Toronto Maple Leafs ended yet another season hoisting the golf clubs as opposed to Lord Stanley's Cup .  It's a disappointment that has been handed down generation to generation, that I'm now passing along to my daughters. When I moved to Toronto in the late 90s, every spring it really felt like the Leafs...

Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Finish Scottish Stout

Date April 7, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | Europe

It was a dark and stormy night… No really.  To be fair the forecast for most nights is dark, with scattered light by dawn.  Tonight however it’s cold, and raining buckets of cold water.  It’s just the kind of night where I love to relax and enjoy a nice stout, porter, or a nice refreshing glass of Whiskey.  Turns out tonight I get the pleasure of both. Innis & Gunn has strong regular line up , and they have made some awesome one off’s like the Canadian Cask and the Rum...

Lake of Bays Spring Maple Belgian Blond Ale

Date March 19, 2014 Author beersnob Categories ALE | North America

Spring is finally on the way!  After one of the coldest and snowiest winters in recent memory we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.    I know a lot of people put a lot of faith into the oversized rodents (Punxsutawney Phil, Wiarton Willie, etc.) to predict the coming of Spring, but this BeerSnob puts his faith in the breweries. As the porters and stouts of winter slowly start to recede, we are starting to notice the hoppy buds of spring Blonds, Pisner, Weissbier and so...


Date March 13, 2014 Author Hoppy Bitches Selina Young Categories North America

I actually miss February. Shocking admission right? Especially shocking considering every Ontarian I know is done with winter. So what is there to miss? Simple. FIVE NEW BEERS from one of my FAVOURITE BREWERIES in Ontario! Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company decided ‘Old Man Winter needed a kick in the snow pants’ (that’s being polite) and launched their first month-long FeBREWary craft beer celebration in 2012. It was a conscious thought to kick-start a boring, slow time of the...

Guinness Black Lager

Date February 24, 2014 Author Chuck Categories Europe | LAGER

From the label: "Guinness black lager.  cold brewed with roasted barley." The guys at Guinness aren't liars.  This beer is black and it is indeed a lager.  Now, if you're a homebrewer you'll know 'black' usually means roasted barley or black malt and 'lager' usually means thin, flavour-less and without aroma.  Just kidding! (well, kidding 1/4 of the time. - but not in this case). On the nose I can pickup mild black coffee with a slight metallic scent.  The most prominent flavours are...

Ontario’s Craft Breweries Partner on New Merchandise Store, Now Open

Date February 11, 2014 Author beersnob Categories Beer News | North America

TORONTO, Feb. 10, 2014 - Craft beer consumers and enthusiasts in Canada now have access to a new destination store for Ontario craft beer merchandise, both online and in-person. Ontario's craft breweries have partnered with brewing supply shop Toronto Brewing Co. and craft beer news source Mom ‘n Hops Ontario to create the province’s only one-stop merchandise store featuring branded glassware, apparel, accessories, and more. The partnership not only increases ease-of-access for...

Myths and Facts about modernizing beer sales in Ontario

Date February 10, 2014 Author John Perenack Categories Beer News | North America

What The Beer Store doesn’t want you to know!   February 10, 2014 – Toronto –  More and more Ontarians are asking for increased competition and convenience in alcohol retailing, as evidenced by a recent Angus Reid survey that indicated almost seven-in-ten Ontarians (69%) want to see more private sector retailers selling beer to compete with The Beer Store. It is interesting to note that Ontario is the only jurisdiction in North America, where private brewers are...

What does it mean to be a Canadian? A question that came to mind at a beer festival.

Date January 26, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | Beer News | LAGER | North America

Before I get into this post, I'd like to start out by sharing a few minutes of the dance party that broke out at the festival featuring some of our friends from @FlyingMonkeys and  @WellingtonBrew   Being a proud Canadian , who lived in the the United States for half of my life, I often have a slightly different few of our country the good and the bad. I have enjoyed a great view of the sibling rivalry between our nations. Having lived on both sides of...

Flying Monkeys to take over all 24 Taps at The Only Cafe

Date January 15, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | Beer News | LAGER | North America

"I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!" OK the dog part is a lie because A) no dogs allowed in The Only Cafe and B) Flying Monkeys has nothing against little dogs. Looking for something to do this Saturday night?  Look no further!  We are STOKED to be heading to the Wizard of Odd Flying Monkeys Tap Takeover @TheOnlyCafe .  Awesome venue, awesome beer, what more could you want?  … Really you want more?  Ok Ok, they are giving out a prize for...

Awesome Beer Dinners from our friends at All Beer!

Date January 13, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | LAGER | North America

To promote a specific beer, brewery, chef or dish in a fun and interactive way. Pairing the beer/s with specific meals to emphasize both the flavours in the specific beer/s and the food. Doing this will create different palates and trying new things you would not necessarily try. Beer dinners are also a great way to generate revenue and promote your business! Whether you are a brewery or a licensee, it’s a great partnership to stimulate sales. You may sell tickets in advanced to make...

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