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Lake of Bays Crazy Eyes Darcy Tucker Winter Bock Lager

Date December 17, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories LAGER | North America

First off, awesome name. Darcy Tucker , (my all time favourite Toronto Maple Leaf ) always had a dead on ‘crazy eyes’ stare right before he would do something crazy. My all time favourite moment watching Hockey is when Tucker decided to take on the whole bench of the Ottawa Senators team. It was simply awesome. While not a total meal replacement Crazy Eyes is tremendously filling. The rich dark malts, give hints of chocolate and coffee, while the molasses used in the brewing...

Lake of Bays Stitches Oktoberfest Lager

Date October 22, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories LAGER | North America

Oktoberfest has been held for the most part, since the 1800s. In Canada it has turned mostly into a drinking holiday but there is still a lot of Bavarian food to go with it. All really an awesome excuse to get drunk and eat awesome food before all before the halloween candy! Most Oktoberfest brews are fairly light on the alcohol without a lot of strong flavours, just enough to really enhance all the awesome foods. Stitches inspired by the great Gerry Cheevers , is a very interesting...

Calling all Toronto foodies, food truck connoisseurs and craft beer lovers!

Date October 8, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories North America

OktoberFEAST 2014  For more information please visit: Date:  Thursday, October 16, 2014 Time:  5:00 PM - 11:00 PM Location:  Artscape Wychwood Barns - 601 Christie St. - Toronto, ON M6G 4C6 - Canada  About:  Set at Artscape Wychwood Barns, a century-old former streetcar repair facility turned community cultural hub, this 2nd annual fundraising event will unite brewers and beer enthusiasts, restaurants and foodies, and Canada’s most...

Toronto Beer Week 2014 a view from a BeerSnob

Date October 6, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories Beer News | North America

Toronto Beer Week and I have a love hate relationship.  On the one hand I love it, great beer all over the place all the time.  On the other hand I’m going to have to pull a Danny Glover and admit I’m too old for this shit :)  Night after night of awesome beer at great venues takes it’s toll.   I started my week on the 11th (my birthday for those who forgot to buy me a beer this year) at the Berkley Street Church for Beer Experience.  It was a pretty good event all in all...

Harpoon Brewery Tour - Boston Part 3

Date October 2, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories Beer News | North America

So on our last real beer stop in Boston we decided to hit up the Harpoon Brewery tour.  I’ve got to tell you, not only do they have good beer, but these folks are smart.  They open at 11 AM and there was a pretty big line to buy tickets to the brewery tour right from the get go.  The smart part? The line is on the back side of the bar so you can order pints while you wait.   I was in a pretty miserable mood on our way in to Harpoon.  The hotel had been pretty shit, it was cold and...

Toronto Beer Week 2014 by @hoppybitches

Date September 27, 2014 Author Hoppy Bitches Selina Young Categories North America

Toronto Beer Week (TBW) is a compilation of libation-themed events dedicated to the celebration of craft beer. It is about the brewers who create the magic and the establishments who sell it. It is a time for craft beer lovers like the Hoppy Bitches to rejoice and enjoy a plethora of events across the city. This year it ran from September 12 th to 20 th , included 35 craft breweries, 70 venues, and 100's of events. A few of the highlights from TBW 2014 are described below. Whatever the...

More Beer in Boston Samuel Adams Tour and more!

Date August 13, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | LAGER | North America

After two exciting days drinking in the history, culture and beer in Boston, it was time to do what millions of others have done over the years.  Time to get an education.  With places like Harvard , MIT  and Boston College  in the hood; we made the obvious choice, The Samuel Adams Brewery Tour . A quick hop onto the subway, otherwise known as the ’T’ brought us down to a pretty industrial looking part of the city.  We started walking the wrong way out of the subway (Thanks a...

Ever want to drink your way through Boston Massachusetts?

Date August 5, 2014 Author beersnob Categories ALE | LAGER | North America

So this is going to be a bit of a long post but Boston has a hell of a lot of good beer.  I’m going to gloss over the brewery tours as I feel they each earned their own review.  This trip was for my 10th Wedding Anniversary but somehow I still ended up drinking a lot of awesome beer.  Clearly I married up. There were a few ups and downs but over all Boston really kicks some ass.   We started our trip by taking a bus down from Portland Maine (also lots of good beer in Portland). ...

Frye’s Leap IPA

Date July 23, 2014 Author Josh Hayter Categories ALE | North America

If you have ever looked off an 80 foot cliff into a fairly cold lake, and known that if you don’t jump, your friends will never let you live it down, then you probably have been to Frye’s Leap off Frye’s Island in Sebago Lake .   I remember when I was very young boating on Sebago seeing people jumping off Frye’s and having my parents freak out and make me promise not to ever even consider the jump.  At 5 I thought they were dead on with their assessment.  Fast forward 11 years...

Beerlicious Guelph by @HoppyBitches

Date July 12, 2014 Author Laura Mousseau Hoppy Bitches Categories Beer News | North America

On June 27, a group of craft beer lovin’ ladies met up at a local Guelph pub for some brews and banter, and the Hoppy Bitches Guelph chapter was officially born. I was introduced to the Hoppy Bitches by my sister in Toronto. I made it out for an event there and had so much fun that I inquired about starting up a Guelph group. The idea was heartily endorsed. When I put the Hoppy Bitches call out to girlfriends in town, I actually wasn’t surprised by the positive response from them and...

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