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The journey to becoming a BeerSnob has had a lot of twists and turns. s surprising as it sounds for a long time I was not really all that into beer.

Having started out in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher, and sticking around long enough to start prepping food, go to school and come back as a line cook before moving on to be a chef, lets just say I was introduced to my fair share of alcohol. Unfortunately most of the beer I was introduced to was the usually suspects like Budweiser, Labatt Blue and Molson Canadian.

Not only do I find them devoid of flavour (but hey if you like them good for you have at it) but I would also often feel pretty sick, and have horrendous hangovers. Not caring for bland tasting drinks, and not particularly loving those monster hangovers I just switched to Wine and Sprits, where as luck would have it, I’d been introduced to the good stuff.

In the early 2000s I read a book that changed my life. By this time I was long out of the restaurant industry, but for some reason still found my way into a far amount of local watering holes. My keen eyed Mother In Law noticed this, and gave me a copy of Notes on a Beermat by Nicholas Pashley @NotesOnABeermat. If you have not read it I highly recommend picking up a copy.


I hope you enjoy my take on craft beer.  


Cheers,  Josh



The System



5.0   A++, This is simply put a perfect beer. It’s got a delicate balance of hops and malts. It’s got an awesome pour with just the right amount of head. The ABV is strong enough that you know you are drinking a beer but not so strong it knocks you out after a pint. I’ve never found the perfect beer, but rest assured when I do, there is little to no chance of productivity the following day. It’s all about the pursuit.

4.5  A+, This is a beer that by far exceeds my expectations. Any craft beer should be high quality, but this beer helps set the mark on what excellence in brewing means. To achieve this level a beer needs to not only be well balanced, but it needs to display a high level of creativity that sets it apart from some very good company.

4  A, Better than most.  As a matter of fact most of the best beer I have ever had I'd  rate at 4 Pints

3.5  B+, Great beer, give it a try

3  B, Good solid beer.  If I was walking through the beer store or LCBO I'd pick  up six or so

2.5  C+, Safe beer, if you are not in the mood for adventure give this a shot

2  C, Not bad, Not Good.  I'll drink it but not if there is anything slightly better around

1.5  D+, If it is free I am there, if it is not free I have to think about it

1  D, Come on,  you really think this is beer???? Really? Well you can just go to hell

0.5  E, No, not if it is free, I would not drink this here or there I would not drink it anywhere

0  F, Shame on me for ordering this pig piss but shame on you for serving it. You are a dreadful person for selling this poison